Netball New Zealand has appointed Jan Whitehead and Darren Wright to form a management committee set to oversee the recruitment of The Good Oil Tactix for the 2021 ANZ Premiership.

The former Netball Mainland board members will be joined by one other person to work together to provide on the ground support for the team in Christchurch, including overseeing the recruitment process for next year and the appointment process for team management and staff.

The Tactix will remain under the governance structure of Netball NZ following the voluntary liquidation of Mainland Netball earlier this year.

Netball NZ Chief Executive Jennie Wyllie said this was a positive step forward for the Tactix which had faced its share of challenges recently.

“Our goal is to ensure that we can continue the ANZ Premiership with six teams including the Tactix,” she said.

“We feel a management committee will enable an independent oversight into the appointment of the team going forward.

“The first job for the committee will be to support the coach and the integrity of the recruitment process for 2021.”

The committee will work closely with NNZ to adopt the player and coach budget and will report back to Wyllie during the season.

The Good Oil Tactix are in second spot in the 2020 ANZ Premiership and set a league record with a crowd of over 5000 for its home match at Horncastle Arena in Round 8.